Grand Lodge of New York Photograph Collection: The Grand Master Cabinet Card

We are working hard to inventory the Grand Lodge of New York’s massive collection for the first time in decades. As we progress, many antique photographs, also known as cabinet cards, have been rediscovered within the collection, many of which are the portraits of the Past Grand Masters of New York during the late 19th Century, around the same time cabinet card was at the peak of its popularity.

We are pleased to highlight them in this blog as they are the rare original portrait of the Past Grand Masters of New York. More antique and modern Grand Lodge of New York’ photograph collection can be found at our online museum.


MW Ellwood E. Thorne (1874-1875)


MW James W. Husted (1876)



MW Edmund L. Judson (1878)


MW J. Edward Simmons (1883)


MW Frank R. Lawrence (1885-1888)


MW James Ten Eyck (1892)


MW Frederick A. Burnham (1893)


MW John Stewart (1895-1896)


MW Elbert Crandall (1902-1903)