77th Annual Metropolitan Region’s Masons & Families Dedication Service & Breakfast Special Exhibit

Thank you for your interest in our special presentation in occasion of the 77th Annual Metropolitan Region’s Masons & Families Dedication Service & Breakfast.

For the first time, we are holding both in-person and online artifact presentation.  These are the amazing artifacts from the Grand Lodge of New York that can be seen at the event and also in the library website and online museum:


The Washington Square Arch Trowel

An ivory and sterling trowel used to lay the cornerstone of the Memorial Arch at Washington Square Park, on the date of May 30th, 1890, by the Grand Master MW John W. Vrooman.




A Master Mason apron, made of white silk, decorated with light blue trim and embroidered Masonic symbols.





Junior Warden’s Jewel donated by Morris Lookatzer, member of Justice Lodge No. 753.



An ivory gavel presented to MW Charles Smith by Hebron Lodge no. 813, at the dedication of Hebron Masonic Temple in November 14th, 1913.




A souvenir gavel made of whalebone from Nome, Alaska, with a handle carved in the figure of a seal. Presented to Adelphi Lodge No. 23 by Abraham Simson in 1905.




The last and not least is Processus Contra Templarios, parchments of the hearings of the Trial against the Knights Templar in 1308, the faithful reproduction of manuscripts from the Vatican archive. Only 799 copies were published in 2007, and the Grand Lodge of New York has one in possession.