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60,000+ books are discoverable with our online book catalog.

Enter the Book Catalog

The books in the care of the Livingston Masonic Library are catalogued using the Destiny software program, licensed from Follett Software, Inc.  When you click the button below, Destiny will launch in a new window.

Please keep these quick tips in mind when using the catalog:

You will see a ‘log in’ option, but that is for staff use only.  Currently, all of our catalog’s features are available to all of our patrons.  We will keep you posted as we make use of new services that may require a username and password.

When searching, remember to use spelling variations or different keyword choices to find more results.  For example, if you’re looking for information on the First Degree, search for ‘Entered Apprentice’ as well as ‘First Degree.’

The catalog will not indicate if a book is available for lending. Please copy the title and call number and email them to us at