Livingston Masonic Library Re-Opening Procedures

Livingston Masonic Library & Museum Re-opening Procedures:

General Information:

  • Patrons must wear a mask at all times when visiting the Library to return books
  • All in-person visits are by appointment only
  • Patrons must use hand sanitizer as soon as they come into the Library, which will be available for patrons from a hand sanitizer dispenser placed just inside the front door
  • All patrons will be required to write the date of their visit to the Library, their name, and their contact information in the Library’s guest book
  • The staff of the Library & Museum on-site is limited: therefore, it will take longer for the staff to answer genealogy and research requests and run the Masonic Reading Course
  • All genealogy and research requests should be sent to the Library via email to either the Librarian, Joseph Patzner ( or the Director, Alexander Vastola (
  • The standard work hours of the Library & Museum are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm


  • No walk-in visits by patrons or researchers
  • All in-person visits are by appointment only

General Circulation/Research Procedures:

  • Requests for books from patrons should be emailed to either the Librarian, Joseph Patzner ( or the Director, Alexander Vastola (
  •  Research Requests – materials will be prepared, scanned, and emailed to patrons
  • With book returns – if patrons want to return or borrow a book from the library in person, they should set up an appointment with the Library ahead of time
  • There will be a book drop located just outside the Library’s front door for patrons to return their books in case some patrons decide to return their books outside of Library’s standard work hours
  • Preferably, patrons who mail books should mail them directly to the library at the following address: The Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge 71 West 23rd Street, 14th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10010
  • For currently borrowed books, all late fees are waived and due dates for books are extended for the time be (as the Library has been doing since April of 2020)
  • *Regarding Museum Artifacts – the museum staff of the Livingston Masonic Library will not show or send artifacts out to Masonic Lodges or Masonic organizations until September of 2020

The Masonic Reading Course:

  • Patrons should hold onto the books they have borrowed until the Library more fully re-opens. Once this happens patrons should mail the books to the Library to minimize contact to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but will still have the option to return books in-person.
  • Reading Course Certificates will be mailed directly to patrons instead of to the staff officers since Masonic activities are still closed

Donations to the Library & Museum:

  • The Library & Museum will not accept donations of books or artifacts until September of 2020

Library Lecture Series:

  • All future Library Lectures will be TBD (to be determined) based on how New York City slowly reopens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and whether or not there is a COVID-19 resurgence in the Fall of 2020