Masonic Genealogy & Research

The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library charges a fee of $35.00 for genealogy/reference questions, communicated via online or standard mail. The fee is waived for members in good standing of a Masonic lodge sharing recognition with the Grand Lodge of the State of New York and libraries and museums located in New York City

Please, no phone calls.

If you are a member of a Masonic lodge that shares the recognition with the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, please send your Masonic membership information with the Genealogy Request Form to, Please Include Masonic Genealogy in the subject line of your e-mail!)

If you are  not a member of a Masonic lodge sharing recognition with the Grand Lodge of the State of New York in good standing, requests may be submitted in two ways:

1. Make a Donation Via the Masonic Brotherhood Fund Website

Click here to access the Masonic Brotherhood Fund Online Donation page. In the form, please indicate $35 in the row entitled 7. ROBERT LIVINGSTON MASONIC LIBRARY, and in the comment text box Special Instructions, write “For Genealogy Services.”  After you receive  payment confirmation please send your receipt and request to

2. Mail request and  a $35 check to,

Livingston Masonic Library
71 West 23rd Street, 14th floor
New York, NY 10010

Make check payable to Livingston Masonic Library.

Note:  inquiries made by individuals who are not members of a Masonic Lodge recognized by the  Grand Lodge of New York will not be processed without payment.

Preliminary Information Needed 

  • For membership searches on New York State Masons from 1920 to the present, the following information is needed: correct spelling of the full name, including middle initial if possible, and date of death. Please note that information on living members is not available.
  • For searches on New York State Masons from 1920 and earlier, the following information is needed: full name; name or number of the specific New York State Masonic lodge where the man was a member; and year of death. Searches are not performed for members from this era when the specific lodge is not known.

Our Search Results

Our typical search results include the name of a member’s lodge, dates of Masonic Degrees, age, occupation, date of death, and if he remained a member in good standing throughout his life.

At times, results will include information relating to offices held within a lodge, or other information relating to lodge activities, but these results are not typical.

Search results do not typically include the following: biographical data, family members; photographs, or information relating to membership in Concordant Masonic bodies (Scottish Rite, Shriners, York Rite) or similar fraternal organizations.

NOTE: Membership information on men who were Freemasons in other states or countries is not maintained by this institution.

*Please note that official requests for membership verification from concordant orders need to be sent to the Office of the Grand Secretary under proper seal and signature.