Series 12: Masonic-Related/ Ephemera

12.1: Race and Masonry

12.1.1. Papers of Edward R. Cusick (c. 1920-1970) [Finding Aid]

-4 boxes in total; finding aid in Box 1, before the folders start (AR1999.27.1-.99)

12.1.2: Packet- African American Masonry 1941-1951: Notes and Correspondence [Finding Aid]

12.2: Anti Masonic Material

12.2.1: To the Anti-masons of the County of Allegany 1834; related to Congress and Assembly elections of Philo C. Fuller and Alvan Burr, respectively

12.2.2: Petition of Luther Pratt, author of “A Defence of Free Masonry” in retaliation to anti-Masonic papers, such as Southwark’s “Solemn Warning Against Free Masonry” (AR1996.14.1-AR1996.14.3)

12.3: Ephemera

12.3.1: Masonic Precepts (AR1996.19.1-.7)

12.3.2: Notices of Funerals 18th century (AR 1999.13 ; L44 , L47)

12.3.3: Newspaper Cutting- Plate of Masonic Arms (AR1999.12, L46)

12.3.4: 3 shillings note (AR1993.8)

12.3.5: Masonic Calendar of Ancient and Primitive Freemasonry According to the Rite of Memphis [n.d.] (AR1996.20)

12.3.6: Deed: Grants to Andrew Burn. Includes 2 documents and 1 hand drawn map (AR1993.12)

12.3.7: Program of Palmo’s Opera House featuring Ole Bull 1845 (AR1999.8 , L38)

12.3.8: Notice and Program of Grand Musical and Masonic Festival, 1844 (AR1999.9, L39, L40)

12.3.9: Advertisements for Masonic Books, 18th Century (AR1999.10; L41, L42, L43, L49)

12.3.10: Poem “Epilogue spoken in the character of a Free Mason’s Wife” by Mrs. Sullivan, written by Mr. Perfect (AR1999.11, L45)

12.3.11: Archives Separation Sheet- moved from AR1993.15.1 to Pamphlet Coll P1993.1432: History of the Antietam National Cemetery, including a descriptive list of all the loyal soldiers buried therein: together with the ceremonies of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons in laying the cornerstone of the Soldier Monument, September 17th, 1867

12.3.12: Breakfast Menu, 1925, and Dedication Menu, 1927, from the Hotel Commodore Level Club (AR1993.20.1-AR1993.20.2)

12.3.13: Circular Letter of Thanks from the institution Ecole de Pythagore to Brother Gautier for writing the book L’Ecole de Pythagore [ French Lodge: Fraternite Des Peuples] (AR1999.23, G113)

12.3.14: Advertisement Card for Will A. Humphrey, Banjoist 1907

12.3.15: Program: Corner Stone Laying of the Bethany Baptist Church, Brooklyn 1911

12.3.16: Grand Masonic Fair Daily Journal. March 22, 1873 (published by J.T. Cowdery

2 full copies intact, plus additional partial copies [in binder folder]

Is a booklet for the Grand Masonic Fair, in aid of the Hall & Asylum Fund at Apollo Hall, containing multiple advertisements, as well as an article by P.G.M. John W. Simons called How It Began & What Came Of It: A History of the Hall and Asylum Fund From its Inception to the Present Time

Includes Officers of the Executive Committee of the Grand Masonic Fair in Aid of the Hall and Asylum Fund, with it most notably listing R.W. Ellwood Thorne as Deputy Grand Master and Chairman

12.3.17: Photograph card of 2 children, signed Audrey, Larry, Laurie and baby. Found in Odd Fellowship illustrated in an address delivered before the Grand Lodge of the state of Kentucky [Call # 366.3 Sh13]

12.3.18: 1826 Broadside advertising a Masonic Engraving of The Iron Worker and King Solomon by John Sartain; Gift of Clayton G. Smith Lodge 147 November 9, 1971

12.4: Religion and Masonry

12.4.1: Correspondence between Rt. Rev. Magr. Robert E. McCormick and Walter E. Kooms (AR1997.5.1-.2)

12.5: Undated Material, Donated Collection Material, etc. [that do not fit in other current series/groupings]

12.5.1: Papers and Ticket. 1820-1906; Donated by Jacques Joel Jacobsen, Jr.  (AR1995.1.1)

[Items included: 1 receipt for the Masonic Mirror, 1 Masonic Fair Souvenir Admission Ticket (1906), 1 ticket for the Grand Vocal and Instrumental Entertainment, in aid of the Williamsburgh Masonic Board of Relief (1867), 1 meeting notice from the St. Andrews Scotch Lodge (Scotland; sent from Quebec, Canada; Donation letter (with letterhead of Empire State Commandery) is listed in finding aid, but not in folder]

12.5.2: Miscellanea Undated (AR1997.6.1-AR1997.6.6)

[Items included: 1 donation letter, 1 photograph, 1 receipt for book, 1 sheet R.A.M. Question and Answer Lecture sheet; 1 cipher booklet, 1 folder of loose sheets written in French of rituals and duties]

12.5.3: Pamphlet Tenth Anniversary Banquet and Ball Given By Glassberg’s Friends and Family Society 1927

Society that was created to provide assistance for deceased individuals who were not a part of any society, and were “buried in a strange cemetery, from his friends and relatives.” The result was an “acquisition of an eternal resting place.”

12.5.4: Donation Letters pulled from Items in the Bible Collection aka as the BC Collection

12.6 Square Clubs

12.6.1 YE Host Square Club

The YE Host Square club was founded in April 1940 to promote social intercourse, strengthen friendship and promote each others welfare among Master Masons who were actively engaged in the Hotel, Motel, Accounting, Club Management, restaurant and Hospital industries.


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