Series 8: Historical Figures

8.1: Jean Sibelius (AR1996.3) – “Masonic Ritual Music”

– 1996.3.32.2 has been moved to book collection (JW 2016) [Materials in 1 flat box]

8.2: Giuseppe Garibaldi

8.2.1.: Holograph Letter from May 29, 1860 (AR1993.2.1)

8.2.2: Envelope of 8.2.1   (AR1993.2.2)

8.3: Papers of Isaac H. Vrooman Jr. : TenEyck Family genealogy 1875-1944 (bulk) (AR1993.13.1)

8.3.0: Finding Aid and Archives Separation Sheets

8.3.1: General Genealogy

8.3.2: Individuals

8.3.3: Pre-1860s Papers

8.3.4: Newspaper Clippings

8.4 Papers of Isaac H. Vrooman Jr. Albany State Office Building / Franklin D. Roosevelt (AR1993.13.2)

-Finding Aid in folder: 9 items total

8.5: Papers of Evelyn Briggs Baldwin 1896-1933 (AR 1993.17.1-.22s)

-Finding aid in 8.5.1

8.5.1: Papers (24 items)

8.5.2: Related research regarding Baldwin, this collection, and the archival organizational process

8.6: Theodore Roosevelt

8.6.1: Correspondence from Theodore Roosevelt to Frank Zappulla (1898)

8.7: Robert Burns

8.7.1. Inauguration of Robert Burns as Poet Laureate

8.8: Papers of Mrs. Abraham Lansing (sister-in-law to John Thomas Lansing, and sister to Henry S. Gansevoort

-3 folders (finding aid in first folder); majority of material is related to John Thomas Lansing, and his involvement with York Rite and Scottish Rite in South America; most material is in Spanish.

-AR1998.7.7 (dispensation) and AR 1998.7.8 (document) are [filed with oversized]

8.9: Elisha Kent Kane (AR1997.7 ; L243)

8.9.1: Program of Masonic Honors in Memory of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane 1857

8.10: Daniel D. Tompkins (4th governor of New York, 6th vice president (1774-1825)

8.10.1: Programme Daniel D. Tompkins Memorial Fund Reception 1906 (AR1999.18)

8.11: James Duane (Signer of the Continental Association and Articles of Confederation; lawyer, 44th mayor of New York, delegate of Continental Congress)

8.11.1: Power of Attorney Executed by James Duane, 1785 (AR1999.22)

8.12: Correspondence Papers of Alexander M. Cohen (papers include documents associated with Robert J. Kenworthy, S. Nelson Sawyer, John G. Snyder) [finding aid included in first folder, 8.12.1]

-NOTE: AR1995.2.1.58-AR1995.2.1.67 has been MOVED to Series 5.49; 8 folders in total

8.12.1: General Correspondence (AR1995.2.1.1-AR1995.2.1.57)

8.12.2: Grand Lodge Documents from the Committee of Transportation (AR1995.2.1.63- AR1995.2.1.67)

8.12.3: Lodge Lists (AR1995.2.1.68-AR1995.2.1.78)

8.12.4: New York State Supreme Court/Department of Commerce and Department of Labor (AR1995.2.1.79-1995.2.1.81)

8.12.5: Marsh Lodge No. 188 Documents (AR1995.2.1.82-1995.2.1.84)

8.12.6: Brooklyn Masonic Guild Benefit (AR1995.2.1.85-AR1995.2.1.87)

8.12.7: Grand Lodge Correspondence/ General Information, by district (AR1995.2.88-1995.2.1.105)

8.12.8: Miscellaneous (AR1995.2.1.106-AR1995.2.1.110)

8.13: Papers of John Raymond Smith (AR1998.5)

– Note: 4 folders in total

All materials in this collection are photocopies of the finding aid and materials from the Southern Historical Collection at Wilson Library, in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

8.14: Henry Oltman (founder of Oltman Lodge 453, which consolidated with Otlaman Clinton 446 in 1959, which consolidated with Reliance 776 in 1978)

– Note: Collection titled  ”Original Papers of Henry Oltman”; Donated by William P. Stris

-Note: 1 item moved to Object Collection: 2016.41.1 C55inv-411 AIS1148 (Henry Oltamn Certificate Civil War Brigade Chaplain; Non-Masonic; 1857)

8.14.1: Donation Letters Pertaining to Collection

8.14.2: Immigration Papers

8.14.3: Militia Related Paperwork (includes appointment as Quartermaster)

8.14.4: Census Marshal Paperwork

8.14.5: Miscellaneous Papers: Marriage Certificate, Baptism Card, Small paper printed with “706 |zeven hondred zes.”  , 2 letters of recommendation [unsure if Masonic related]

-1 document (Certificate from United Ancient Order of Druids) has been moved to be [filed with oversized]

8.14.6: Masonic Related Paperwork

8.14.7: Non-English Papers: Inventory Packets

8.14.8: Non-English Papers: Miscellaneous Papers [no particular order was retained]

-1 document moved is [filed with oversized]

8.15: Louis Dembitzer

Original material was found in a metal trunk, and in various binders. Original binders have been discarded for safety of material. Each folder, unless otherwise noted, is equivalent to one binder found in said trunk.

8.15.1: Notes and Correspondence- Individuals [6 folders]

8.15.2: Notes and Correspondence- Date [7 folders]

8.15.3: Miscellaneous Papers that were found in no Binders or Folders\


8.16: Henry S. Borneman

8.16.1: Personal Research Notes on Freemasonry & Masons

8.16.2: Correspondence with Fellow Masons

8.16.3: Historical Research Correspondence with Outside Institutions

8.16.4: Correspondence with Non-Masonic Individuals

8.16.5: Masonic Paperwork

8.16.6: Miscellaneous Ephemera


8.17: Edward H. Cann

A member of Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 in Virigina, and Grand Master in 1958-1959. Papers have been chronologically ordered in each folder. Please maintain order of said papers.

17.1: Correspondence from Robert W. Reid, Secretary of Washington Lodge No. 21 (NY)

Note: Mentions of Thomas Noonan [The Bishop of Chinatown], The Depression, Board of Health, [Frederick D.] Roosevelt

8.17.2: Correspondence from T.S. Clay

Note: Correspondence about the return of histories of [Fredericksburg Lodge] No. 4

8.17.3: Corrspondence from William Thomas Morre

Note: Mentions of Installation Ceremonies of Washington Lodge No. 21, annual get-together between Washington Lodge No. 21, Alexandria- Washington  Lodge No. 22, and Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4; notice of Masonic Burial in New York of a member from Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4

8.17.4: Lodge Notice for Washington Lodge No. 21, New York


8.18: Harry S. Truman 

Filed in Flat Box. Originally taken from Bio Files, for preservation purposes. Please see related Bio File for more information.

8.18.1: Photographs [includes photos of Truman’s swearing into Presidential Office, Winston Churchill, and the Potsdam Conference]

8.18.2: Newspapers: Commemorative [Memorial, Exhibit, Library, Memoir, Memorabilia]

8.18.3: Newspapers: Non-Masonic Related [Government/Politics]

8.18.4: Masonic Related

8.18.5: Obituary/Obituaries


8.19: David Goldsmith

Note: served as Master of Zealous Lodge No. 1115 (1962), Commander of Temple Post No. 19 of Masonic War Veterans (1986), a trustee of the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library, and District Deputy Grand Master of the Eighth Manhattan District Association (1985)

8.19.1: Correspondence with Fellow Officers

8.19.2: Lodge Pamphlets & Programs

8.19.3: Personal Notes

8.19.4: Zealous Lodge Papers & Correspondence

8.19.5: Eighth Masonic District Association Papers

8.19.6: Temple Post No. 19 Papers & Pamphlets

8.19.7: Miscellaneous


8.20: Winston Churchill

8.20.1: Photos — Portraits

8.20.2: Photos — Trips to North America (United States/Canada)

8.20.3: Photos – In England

8.20.4: Newspapers

8.20.5: Oversized Magazines