Series 11: Non-New York, Masonic

11.1: Non-New York, Masonic: United States

11.1.1: Connecticut (1 folder: AR1998.2)

11.1.2: Delaware (1 folder: AR1996.7.29-.46)

11.1.3: Georgia (2 folders: AR1993.10, AR1996.7.29-.46)

11.1.4: Kentucky (1 folder: AR1996.19.1-.7)

11.1.5: Louisiana (1 folder: AR1996.7.1-.28)

11.1.6: Maine (3 folders: AR1996.7.29-.46, AR1996.11, AR1996.15)

11.1.7: Maryland (2 folders: AR1993.11, AR1996.7.1-.28)

11.1.8: New Hampshire (3 folders: AR1996.6, AR1996.7.1-.28, AR1996.9.1-.4)

11.1.9: New Jersey (2 folders: AR1996.7.29-.46, AR1997.2)

11.1.10: North Carolina (2 folders: AR1996.9.1-.4, AR1996.18.1-.2)

11.1.11: Pennsylvania (2 folders: AR1993.15.1, AR1996.7.1-.28)

11.1.12: Rhode Island (2 folders: AR1996.19.1-.7, AR1999.20)

11.1.13: South Carolina (2 folders: AR1996.5, AR1996.7.1-.28)

11.1.14: Vermont (2 folders: AR1996.7.29-.46, AR1996.9.1-.4)

11.1.15: Virginia (2 folders: AR1996.21, AR1999.25)

11.1.16: California (AR1999.30)

11.1.17: Ohio (3 folders: Cleveland Masonic Library Association March 18, 1949- September 1, 1962) [Materials are organized in chronological order]

11.2: Non-New York, Masonic: Foreign

11.2.1: England (7 folders: AR1993.15.1, AR1996.8, AR1996.19.1-.7, AR1996.22.1-.5, AR1999.14, AR1999.15, AR1999.21)

11.2.2: Scotland (AR1993.15.1)

11.2.3: Switzerland (AR1993.15.1)

11.2.4: Canada (5 folders: AR1996.10.1-.2, AR1996.13.1-.2, AR1996.7.29-.46, AR1996.17.1-.2, AR1996.18.1-.2, AR1999.28)

11.2.5: Cuba [Spanish Grand Lodge] (AR1996.12)

11.2.6: France (AR1998.1.2; AR1998.1.5, AR1999.19)

11.2.7: Ireland (AR1996.19.1-.7)

11.2.8: Photograph [n.d.]; Location unknown (AR1993.15.1)

11.2.9: Belgium

1 Packet, entitled Reports G.M. Conf in Washington 1960-1961-1962 -Papers of Louis Dembitzer, concerning his attendance to several Grand Masters Conference of North America, to assist in gaining the recognition for the Grand Lodge of Belgium [multiple allusions to WWII and the recognition of Freemasonry in France]

11.2.10: Rio De Janeiro

1 Donation Letter, for Meomria Dos Trabahhos Do Conclave Geral Da Maconaria Simbolica Brasileira [part of Book Collection P M17.981 B733 Fragile]

11.3: Bound Volumes 

11.3.1: “Autographs” of Grand Masters F. & A.M. 1900 [located in Scrapbooks]

11.3.2: Record of Meeting Years for Blue Lodges and Concordant Bodies; US and International- latest date noted is 1927 [located in bay beneath archives]

Non-US locations include: Alberta, New Zealand, Australia West, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Panama, Victoria, Tasmania, Saskatachian, Cuba, Scotland, Australia South, Canada, New Brunswick

11.3.3: Elected Grand Offices for Blues Lodges and Concordant Bodies; North America and United Kingdom- Date ranging 1859-1861 [located in bay beneath archives]