Series 10: Concordant Bodies

10.1: Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New York

-Materials arranged alphabetically by chapter name

10.1.1: Papers of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Royal Chapter of NY: Papers (AR1997.8)

10.1.2: Papers of the Grand Secretary of the Grand Royal Chapter of NY: Warrants/Dispensations [filed with oversized]   (AR1997.8)

10.1.3: Non-New York: United States (3 folders: Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina)

10.1.4: Unknown Location (Includes request from Joppa Chapter, and 1 blank sheet from Chapter of Hope and Unity)

10.1.5: New York: Related Ephemera (AR1999.4)

10.1.6: New York: Extracts from the Proceedings of the Grand Chapter of New York (2 folders: 1824; 1825)

10.1.7: New York: Delinquent Chapters Notice

10.1.8: New York: Masonic Education and Service Committee Newsletters 1954-1960 (A list of issues missing is included in   the file folder)

10.1.9: Non-New York: Wisconsin- Recharam Chapter No. 117 (5 folders: material is from binders that were labeled       “Recharam 1951-57,” “Recharam 1958-60,” “Recharam 1961-63,” “Recharam 1964-” ; folders will indicate which binder the material has been pulled from)

10.1.10: Non-New York: Ohio (1 folder: Chapter of Research)

10.2: Scottish Rite

10.2.1: Correspondence and Papers of William H. Peckman 1881-1889 (AR1997.1-.AR1997.31) [6 folders in total, all labeled Peckham Correspondence]

10.2.2: Non- New York: United States: Ohio (AR1993.21)

10.2.3: Dispensation: form Lodge of Perfection, issued by Solomons Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem at Palatine Bridge (AR1993.3)

10.3 Consolidation

[filed with oversized]

10.4: Knights Templar

10.4.1: England and Wales (AR1993.15.1)

10.4.2: Proceedings from the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the State of New York, 2 booklets (1848 and 1849)

10.4.3: York Commandry No. 55 (AR2016.3) [Materials in 1 flat box]