New Acquisiton: Renaissance Man & Mason by R∴W∴ Piers A. Vaughan

renaissanceRenaissance Man & Mason by R∴W∴ Piers A. Vaughan

R∴W∴ Piers A. Vaughan graciously donated two copies of his new book, Renaissance Man & Mason, to the Livingston Library this past week. Described as a “miscellany of talks” delivered over the past two decades, this book is intended to appeal to both those interested in Masonic history and the more esoteric. Thorough discussions on the symbolism of Blue Lodges and Concordant Bodies allow both novices and experts to find light in these pages.

We wish to congratulate R∴W∴ Piers A. Vaughan on this accomplishment, and we look forward to having him at the Livingston Library for a lecture and book signing on November 17th!

Hope to see you there!