Series 8.16: Paper of Mr. Henry S. Borneman

Series 8.16: Papers of Mr. Henry S. Borneman

Scope and Content: This subcollection deals with the papers of Henry S. Borneman from 1929 through 1931. Its geographical coverage includes New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and England. It is comprised mostly of correspondence, primarily focusing on Mr. Borneman’s research of early prominent Masonic figures and their Masonic activity relating to the earliest Freemasonry establishment in Pennsylvania. His correspondence and subsequent research papers are of immense value due to their ability to trace certain aspects relating to the origins of Freemasonry in America, such as information regarding the person of Daniel Coxe, America’s first appointed Provincial Grand Master.

Provenance: This subcollection was presented as “Papers from the Borneman Library” by Dr. Hoffman (no first name listed) to the archives on March 20, 1956.

Organizational History: These papers were rearranged so as to make item level relocation easier. 8.16.1 was rearranged in some cases so that papers covering the same topic were grouped; in certain cases, papers which had originally been together at the time of their creation (as evidenced by page numbers) had been separated prior to the creation of this finding aid, and were reorganized according to their original order. 8.16.2, 8.16.3 and 8.16.4 were organized chronologically according to the date of the first piece of correspondence. Correspondence which was paper-clipped or held together in any other manner has remained in its original order and is organized chronologically by the date of the top piece of correspondence. The majority of the subcollection’s original order has been maintained, as the materials arrived in a state of semi-chronological order.

8.16.1: Personal Research Notes on Freemasonry & Masons

8.16.2: Correspondence with Fellow Masons

8.16.3: Historical Research Correspondence with Outside Institutions

8.16.4: Correspondence with Non-Masonic Individuals

8.16.5: Masonic Paperwork

8.16.6: Miscellaneous Ephemera Stephen D. Carmick business card Letter from E. Carmick Glossy photocopy of notes referencing Daniel Cox Glossy photocopy of notes possibly referencing Daniel Cox Handwritten paper with Arthur Carmick’s address at Polar Star Lodge Page 11/12 of Sept. 12, 1931 edition of The Evening Bulletin—Philadelphia

 Prepared by Sarah Jacobs, Intern Fall 2017