Help Us Reduce Lost Books!

Due to the recent increase in lost books, we offer these guidelines.

Returning Your Library Books:

To ensure a smooth return process and help us locate your books quickly, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Separate Envelope: Please place your borrowed books in a separate envelope for return. This will help prevent any delays caused by commingling materials.
  2. Secure Sealing: Make sure the envelope is securely sealed to protect your books during transit.

Recent Book Losses:

We appreciate your cooperation in following these return guidelines. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced an increase in lost books recently. By taking these extra precautions, we can minimize delays and ensure the availability of our collection for all patrons.

Course Flexibility & Library Exploration:

Course Order: Don’t forget, you’re free to take our courses in any order that suits your interests!

Off-Course Books: Interested in exploring beyond the curriculum? You can search our library catalog for additional titles that aren’t part of a specific course.

Availability: If a book is less than 100 years old and has multiple copies available, there’s a good chance we can send it to you.

Finding the Catalog: Click here.

Your generous donations would help us resupply the reading course books and fulfill our mission to be a beacon of Masonic light! 

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Thank You!

We appreciate your patronage of the library!