Series 8.15: Louis Dembitzer

PDF version, including pictures of original storage, can be found here.

Historical Note:

Scottish Rite- Supreme Council of Belgium

Was very active in the campaign to have the Grand Lodge of Belgium recognized by other Grand Lodges.

Also a member of Lafayette Consistory (Scottish Rite, Connecticut), where he received his 32nd Degree.

His personal papers and correspondence are mostly within the 1960s, when he was most active in campaign for the Grand Lodge of Belgium’s recognition.

[All papers were originally found in various binders, that were stored in a metal trunk that was 28 ¾ in x 15 ½ in x 10 ½ in. The original order has been maintained. Thus, each folder below is the equivalent of one binder of material, unless otherwise noteed. Original title cards from binders have been cut off from binder and preserved in associated folder. Original binders, due to the material, were discarded for the safety of the rest of the material]

Please note, when using this material, maintain the order of papers that are in the folder!

8.15.0: Finding aid and related storage material

 Folder 1: Finding aid and photographs of original metal box that material was stored in [photos taken August 10, 2017 by Jo-Ann Wong]

8.15.1: Notes and Correspondence- Individuals

Folder 1: Charles Wageman, Grandmaster of Grand Lodge of Belgium

Folder 2 [in French]: Wittemaus, C. Mertens, Olimger, Georger Patto, Perseverance lodge, Frans M. Peeraerts, Leon Steinberg, Fraus Smit[s], David Siva, Tanghe, Themis Lodge, Paul Titz, Raphael Van Bever, Rene Van Deuren, Van Hamberg, P. Van Hentenryk, Hugo Van Kuyek, G. Van Uffelen, M. Van Nes, C. Van Rooy, David Van Vack, 1 misc. letter[signature unidentified]

Folder 3: Paul Alleman, Louis Andreisesse, Maurice Benedictus, Captain Blondeel, J. Broeders, Gust Calewaert, M. Cypres, G. Cornelisseu, A. de Groot, Yvonne Derieuiv, Fabry, Fontaine

Folder 4: Conrad Hahn- Masonic Services Association, Thomas S. Roy and Waldron Biggs- Grand Masters Conference and Recognition, Samuel McIntosh

Folder 5: Luther Smith, George E. Bushnell, Donald G. Kimball, Irving E. Patridge, Frederick W. Hummel, Claude Young, [  ] Bellknap, Frank S. Merrill, [     ] Vrooman, Ray W. Denslow

Folder 6: Rene Neirinckx, Adelin Closset, R. Brisson

8.15.2: Notes and Correspondence- [Date]

Folder 1: 1940-1946, 1958-1963; “Copies de lettres en double/ Souveniors” [as noted on binder cover]

Folder 2: 1960-1969; “Divers Mass” [as noted on binder cover]

Majority of material is 1960; Includes Programs for Conference of Grand Masters 1962 and 1968; Periodical Humanitalk, Clarte, Clarte-Licht; Certificate from the Grand Lodge of Israel that he is an Associate Member of Charity Fund for the Grand Lodge of Israel

Folder 3: 1961-1969

Mostly Scottish Rite and Supreme Court of Belgium

Folder 4: 1967-1969

Includes Past Masters Conference Booklets and Mostly French Documents

Folder 5: 1967-1969; Grand Lodges in United States [in English]

With the addition of 2 Supreme Council Letters, 2 Masonic Service Association Letters (Conrad Hahn), 1 Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America Letter, 1 Letter Packet from Shoreham Hotel concerning Grand Masters of Belgium Dinner

Folder 6: 1970 [most documents in French]

Divided into Folder 6a and 6b, as material originated from the same 1 binder

Folder 7: 1973-1975

Includes his tag from the 193rd Annual Communications in New York in 1974, Program for Masonic Week 1975, Program from Conference of Grand Masters of Masons 1975

8.15.3: Miscellaneous Papers that were found in No binders or Folders

Folder 1:Includes De La Sanctification Du Nom” by Joseph Schulsinger