Series 8.19: Papers of David Goldsmith

Series 8.19: David Goldsmith

Scope and Content: This finding aid includes the personal papers of David Goldsmith. Mr. Goldsmith served as Master of Zealous Lodge No. 1115 in the year 1962. He also served as Commander of Temple Post No. 19 of Masonic War Veterans in the year 1986, a trustee of the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library, and District Deputy Grand Master of the Eighth Manhattan District Association in 1985. The collection includes material related to all of these posts, and contains letters, notes, notices, speeches, pamphlets, and various other pieces of ephemera. The material spans the 1960s through the early 2000s.

Provenance: This collection was donated to the Livingston Library by the American Jewish Historical Society on June 7, 2017. Prior to the creation of this finding aid, several items were removed and placed in the artifact collection, including two aprons and a tie.

Organizational History: These papers were organized by topic, grouping items of similar content and placing them into relevant folders. Within each folder, items are organized within the order they had at the time of donation. Due to a lack of provided dates for many of the items, chronological order is not an option for a majority of the materials. Some materials at the end of folder 8.19.4, however—from the unsigned letter to “Charlie” onwards—were originally removed from the donation and then replaced in a different order. Their order here reflects this secondary order, as the original order was not maintained.

8.19.1: Correspondence with Fellow Officers

8.19.2: Lodge Pamphlets & Programs

8.19.3: Personal Notes

8.19.4: Zealous Lodge Papers & Correspondence

8.19.5: Eighth Masonic District Association Papers

8.19.6: Temple Post No. 19 Papers & Pamphlets

8.19.7: Miscellaneous Handwritten note to Charles Rubens [Zealous Lodge Secretary] re: dues List of Trustees for Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library, May 1991 Unidentified list of officers Unidentified list of officers Copy of insurance plan for Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York Small piece of paper regarding program arranged by Speaker Services for the United Nations Envelope addressed to Mr. Goldsmith from Leonard Siegel Masonic Brotherhood Fund donation request card addressed to Rubin Weinstein 2 copies of a blank reservation sheet for 17th Annual Masonic Dedication Service and Breakfast Page 11 from book with Masonic symbols and phrases Handwritten note dated Dec. 20, 1961 re: Irving Phillips designated honorary member of East Club Envelope addressed to Mr. E. Mandell Envelope addressed to David Goldsmith from Max Horn Envelope addressed to Mr. David Goldsmith from Temple Post No. 19 Valentine’s Day card addressed 10/31/61, addressee difficult to read Letter from Robert Goldstein, addressed “Dear Brother” Small piece of paper reading: “On or before 12/12, DI BLASI, MARASCO + SIMONE 7-11 So. Broadway, White Plains, N.Y” Cardstock invitation to “Drama portrayed by the Pacific Fellowcraft Team” in Grand Lodge Room, Oct. 4th, 8:45 PM Application for Membership or Association to The Masonic Club of the City of New York, initiation fee/dues/total filled out at bottom Envelope addressed to D. Goldsmith by Zealous Lodge, Charles H. Rubens Small piece of paper reading “508.03 Rosanoff [line] Korsl 105” Copy of “Official Roster of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York and Register of Grand Representatives of Other Jurisdictions 1987-1988” Torn section of envelope with handwritten note Letter regarding Grand Master’s Ball invitation and advertising in the Journal

Prepared by Sarah Jacobs, Intern Fall 2017